Your coach, Alieu Fofanah, was born in Sierra Leone and migrated to London with his family when he was a young child.


Alieu’s mother, Josephine, had him at 18 and never finished her secondary education. Many wrote her off, and she later proved why they were wrong to do so.


Alieu saw his mum transform her mindset (and life) through the unshakeable belief that she was more than enough. Josephine overcame the odds to bring her family to the UK, put food on the table and eventually graduate university with a 2.1. She became her Super Self and her life followed. She next achieved the goal of owning her own property and successfully convinced her employer to pay for her Masters degree.


From his mother’s example Alieu became a student of successful people, learning the principles, habits and how to implement them. Alieu is passionate about passing on this knowledge and knows how to help people, just like you, to set and achieve goals – even when the odds are against you.

Hard results

Deeper learnings

Faster action

Today, Alieu takes excellence, not mediocrity as his measure and pursuit – in himself and those he coaches.


Alieu graduated with a first class degree in Business and Management. He was selected as a finalist for the 2014 Black British Business Awards and recognised as a Future Leader in 2010 by Powerful Media. He launched GoGetters in 2013 and is one of the founders of Synergy and Partners.


Alieu is a Qualified Chartered Accountant who spent 6 years of his career at PwC. He has advised underperforming businesses (and those with interests in them) to understand and solve their problems. He also coordinated the development and implementation of PwC’s strategy to strengthen its position in Africa.


Inspired by his mother, Alieu has developed a tried and tested formula that works. A formula that has already helped dozens of professionals to see the unbelievable feats they are truly capable of – to meet their Super Selves.


Alieu will challenge you, inspire you and help you to discover who you truly are. You will be equipped with tools to realise the best version of yourself. You will unlock your go-getter mind-set, take control, seize opportunities and define what you want to be remembered for.


Have you met your Super Self yet? Allow Alieu to make the introduction.

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