Ambitious, talented professionals: Tired of compromise? Ready to discover the incredible feats you are truly capable of?


Who is Alieu?    How does it work

Hello, I’m Alieu.


I love helping professionals, just like you, to overcome anything and everything preventing you from getting the results (and the life) that you want – and deserve.


I know you’re ambitious. You want more out of life. You have, on occasion, felt that you’re not smart enough, pretty enough or confident enough to obtain what you want – yet, here you are.


At times, you are more aware of the things you don’t know. You feel that your successes up to now have been a fluke. You believe that what you have accomplished is not enough. And despite all of this – you know, deep down, that you’re capable of so much more. And that you deserve so much more.


Sounds familiar? Here’s the good news: you are in the right place.


Life right now might be frustrating, compromising, and pressurised. You might not know exactly how – but you know, change needs to happen now.


That’s OK – the first step to positive change is identifying that it is necessary. So good on you for realising that you need change, that is half the battle. The second step is making the decision to change, committing entirely to yourself, and your future.


This is where I can help you – the same way that I’ve helped dozens of professionals who found themselves feeling the way you feel now. I am dedicated to helping strong, motivated and ambitious professionals, like yourself, to denounce procrastination and really focus on creating the life that you want – and deserve.


Do you want to see what I can do for you?
Absolutely. As a result, 90% of participants on my programme have achieved their goals and 100% have gained a lot more clarity in what they want to do with their lives.
You Are More Than Enough!


If you take nothing else, this is my gift to you. Understanding and acceptance of your own, spectacular potential – this is the beginning of your journey. You are capable, you are worthy and so much more.


This highly capable person is your ‘Super Self.  A person who can do exactly what needs to be done to create the life that they desire. The great thing is that your ‘Super Self’ is already there, just waiting to be discovered.


I will help you to meet. To get to know. To become your ‘Super Self’.


If it’s already worked for dozens of professionals, it can absolutely, 100% work for you – if you commit to it.


Want an idea of what you’re really capable of?


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I needed coaching on a specific challenge I was facing in navigating the politics of a large corporate organisation and taking an existing success I had to the next level to gain additional sponsorship and support. Alieu not only provided tangible and practical solutions but encouragement and motivation to continue to strive for better and get the most out of the opportunities available. As a result, I was successful in obtaining sponsorship for an international leadership summit, I raised my profile with senior leadership of the firm and I learnt a valuable life lesson: The doors will be opened to those who will be bold enough to knock.

Dara Kirton

Consultant at PwC

“The key to a great coaching is when transformation occurs and I can confidently say that it did happen for me. During and after our coaching, I have been able to apply what we had discussed in our sessions.”!

Patricia Merlin

Lecturer in French for MBA students at the London Business School

He helped me make the transition from relying on responses from online applications to contacting my previous employers directly and asking for assistance. I secured a 12 month fixed term contract within 6 weeks and went on to secure a role with a Swiss investment bank....

Tosin James Odukoya

Creative Director

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